Touching Walls

can almost feel the concrete slamming up into my face with a few, and my internal dialogue reminds me that this process is inevitable. I convinced myself a very long time ago that I didn't need to be important to other people, even if they meant the world to me, and thus it would be easier to let the heartbreak roll off me.

Between You and Me

Along the narrow, winding road, lies the torment of unknowns,

and in my failures I see my triumphs growing from the weeds,

finding myself amongst the beauty within a path of bones,

and knowing that this you and me.

The Dance

"You can't go through your life without the happy things because you're scared of the bad things. The bad things will always come....but I would rather be hurting as bad as I have than to ever give up the things that completed me and made me smile. If they gave me a time machine and told me to go back and choose the people in my life again, knowing I'd lose them? I'd choose every single one again. Remember that."