Plain and Tall

Maybe that's the point... fitting in is the wrong goal. Maybe the point is to learn that Plain and Tall isn't such a bad thing and that somewhere down the line, someone will recognize it for all it's brilliance again. Perhaps the person who needs to recognize it the most is me.

The Side Dish

Surely that means a million terrible things that I can't even conjure up in my own brain..I just know it makes me feel terrible and like a throw away. But maybe I am and just don't know it? Time will tell - perhaps. But perhaps not, too. 

And Then It Starts To Hurt

Maybe tomorrow will be better. I always hope for that. I know myself, though, and the greatest moments of joy and triumph for me are still marred by the fact that it's hollow. I don't know how to give things meaning for myself, and maybe that's the biggest fail of all.