I Upgraded to Windows 10 – And here’s the review for you.

I’ll make this quick:

I spent three days doing a backup on my computer for absolutely no reason other than to have a backup in preparation for Windows 10. At some point or another, against my better judgement as a tech geek, I said “Fuck it” and did the install. It worked out in my favor! All of my files came over to the new OS perfectly during the install with no problems so far.

The OS is incredibly user friendly and it plays heavy on personalization. It has all of your favorite Microsoft programs (Office included) at your fingertips still and the start menu is freakin’ fantastic. Its not cumbersome, it doesn’t take up the entirety of screen, and you can drop it at any time. It puts all of your programs within a click’s reach (ha ha) and so far I’m enjoying it.

Now, I will say this. It is still quite buggy. The new web browser – Edge – runs slower than long time favorites like FireFox or Chrome. It will not import your contacts from FireFox, so be prepared if you have a lot of bookmarks that you will need to re-do them all in Edge if you decide to use it exclusively. Also, the computer itself is loading MUCH slower now and it takes a bit for programs to open up whereas they were mostly instant before. The start up menu, which although I’m a fan, can also be a big turn off. It shows all of your most used programs and your email and all sorts of apps but if that isn’t your deal – you won’t like it. Just a heads up.

There have also been some concerns about the security of the OS itself with one of the new features in regards to WiFi and you can read more about it here: Windows 10 Wi-Fi Sense Raises Concerns . The basic gist is that the system comes with a program called Sense .It allows people who you know and are connected with through your system (such as your email contacts in Outlook..etc) can use your Wi-Fi signal without asking for your password. You can turn this setting off and have it ask for your password each time someone wants to use it but this was put in for ease of use with your friends and loved ones in mind. If it is really that big of an issue…I suggest you just turn it off.

Cortana is a new feature and is Microsoft’s answer to Siri/The Galaxy. It stays on your toolbar and can look anything up for you anywhere. It has to be connected to a Microsoft account (MSN) to work and it took me a bit to get it rolling. The idea behind Cortana is that the more you use it, the more it gets to know you. I don’t know about you, but that slightly freaks me out. Then again…it doesn’t freak me out anymore than the store knowing what I usually buy because I have a shopper’s card. Its a pretty neat system feature, though, and I could see it being a great tool for someone who experiences blindness or deafness in using it to browse their computer/the internet. You can set it to respond to your voice rather than typing by putting the settings to start up when you say “Hey Cortana” to your computer. If you like using Siri, you will like using Cortana. ar

I’m still playing with it and I expect that the bugs are going to start getting worked out soon. If you haven’t switched yet and aren’t sure, I’d wait a few weeks to see if there are any updates. If you want to do it now though? Just be sure to back your stuff up in case the worst case scenario happens and your computer turns into an expensive brick on your desk.

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