What its like to be a Witch in modern times – and how to explain it others without wearing a pointy hat.

Don’t get me wrong. If you choose to never tell anyone around you about your religion or spirituality, that is your right and I respect that right. One of the tenets that I believe strongly in is to be Silent and Dare (when the situation calls for it). What that means is that I will at no point ever tell you about the other people who I know that practice Witchcraft or walk spiritual paths because it is not my place to do so.

That being said: I am a Witch. I don’t say this or out myself with this lightly. In our current political and religious climate in the US it is increasingly unpopular to be anything other than the “normal” “run of the mill” religions or spiritual paths. Let me tell you what it means for me when I say that I’m a Witch:

  • Β It means that I walk a path full of wonder. I find the most mundane of things to be spiritual and meaningful. The cycles of life and death are beautiful and amazing to me. The seasons are beautiful and amazing (I dislike some of those than others – Spring isn’t my fave because of my allergies), the ebb and flow of the tides, the rising of the sun and moon..etc..are not just things to experience but are just as real to me as a religious experience as praying in a church is to someone who follows a religion that does that.
  • Β It means that I have a reverence for the people in my life that runs deeper than others think it does. This expands to the people who I connect with on a daily basis as well. I consider it to be my moral responsibility to help others who either cannot or will not help themselves in whatever way that I can. I have boundaries – I won’t let people walk all over me – but it is an obligation that I believe we all share regardless of our religious or spiritual path. My spiritual path paints this in such a way that I view my purpose in life to help others, both inside and outside of my personal circle. My friends and family come first, always, absolutely, without question. However; I will go out of my way to help others outside of my circle as well. I believe we are all connected to each other in ways that we don’t always acknowledge or understand and that helping others is a way to also help ourselves.
  • It means that it is more relaxing for me to walk outside when the wind is blowing the fresh fallen leaves around than it is for me to hang out at a bar or party. I think this is an instance where my gaining peace outside of the hustle and bustle was actually created by my social anxiety rather than the other way around but it works out just the same. I gain more energy by walking down by the ocean when the tide is high and the water is crashing on the rocks than I ever will hanging out with a large group of people talking about arbitrary things.
  • It means that I walk outside on full moons, new moons, and everything in between and work with the energy it throws to us to focus and make things happen in my life and the lives of others. Before you ask, I am not Wiccan. Wiccans have rules that will not allow them to harm others with their energy work/magick. I do not follow these rules. I consider myself what they call a “grey witch” in that I can work with light energy…I can work with dark energy…and neither one bothers me. You have to understand the dark to appreciate the light and vice versa.
  • It means that I believe whatever it is that you send out into the universe is what will be sent back to you. This does not mean that I believe bad things always happen to people who deserve it – it definitely doesn’t. It means that I believe that you reap what you sew. Plain and simple. It also means that if I send negativity out into the universe? I am prepared for the backlash and will accept it gladly for the right reasons.
  • It means that I am careful with my thoughts. Telling someone, as a witch, that they are in your thoughts or that you are sending them positive thoughts means more than most people can comprehend. It means that I am using the most powerful tool that I have to ask the universe to be kind and merciful to those who need it. I am using the most powerful tool in my arsenal to ask for your well being. This will always, as long as I have the capability, be accompanied by a physical real world contribution to end your pain and suffering if it is possible to do so. It also means that if you cross me in a very negative way and/or someone who I love and care for (which will probably be the one that will actually send me over the edge to go to the “darker” side anyway) – I will accept the karma that will come along from hexing you to one end of eternity and back. I will say that it takes a very special something to push me this far but it is not beyond me to do it and I will have no compunction about it, either.
  • It means that I believe totally in the equality of all people regardless of who or what they are. Live and let live, I say, and that will always be a cornerstone of my life. Essentially – I am not going to try to step on your rights as a person with the caveat that I will call you on it hardcore if you try to step on mine or other people’s. I will never invoke (ha ha, no pun intended) my religion or spirituality as a reason to fight for the rights of others just as I would tell anyone else to not use theirs. Learn to be a decent person and at least give kind consideration to those around you. I do, and always will, invoke my humanity and your humanity as a reason to fight for others.
  • Above all else, it means that I see the world differently than you do. Not better, not worse, but differently. I don’t owe you an explanation. I don’t owe you anything. Get to know me before you judge me. Hopefully you’ll be surprised by how down to Earth I actually am. We all have to share this space. We may as well learn to stop being selfish about it.

As to explaining it to others, my suggestion is to really truly listen to the questions people pose to you. Try to get to the bottom of their fears and try to understand that they generally have no idea what it is that you do. They will have preconceptions, they will have false beliefs based off books and propaganda, and sometimes they’ll be rude and downright evil about it. Explain to these people that regardless of their ignorance (which is not a bad word – ignorance simply means that someone doesn’t know about something), you are willing to step up and help them understand. My advice to you is to only say what you are comfortable saying and what is safe for you to say. We aren’t evil. We don’t ride brooms (in the traditional sense anyway). And above all? We’re normal people. Ask people to treat you with the respect that they expect you to treat them.

I welcome any and all questions regarding this post in the comments and I will answer honestly to everything posted. Anything that looks even remotely like hate speech will be met with the level of intelligence and sarcasm that it deserves.

Thank you πŸ™‚

7 thoughts on “What its like to be a Witch in modern times – and how to explain it others without wearing a pointy hat.

  1. I am so new to all of this, while also being so very ancient. I walked this path before I even knew what to call it. This, this is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for giving voice to something that has so little explanation around it.


    1. It’s my pleasure and I hope to continue to do so. More of us who have walked the path for a long time need to speak up and bring awareness to what we actually do rather than let others make assumptions of it. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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