The “Wiccan Ritualistic Killing” in Florida.

‘Wiccan Ritual Killing’ leaves three dead in Pensacola, Florida

Ah, ye gods. The only thing I am going to say here is that I’m heartbroken reading through this. This is not Wicca. This is not Paganism in general. This is sick, sad, sadistic, twisted, and wrong.

I offer my condolences to the family of the persons who lost their lives in these attacks. My thoughts are with the victims on their way to the Summerlands for their rest.

I reiterate…this is not who Wiccans are. The person of interest is saying that they practice Witchcraft and..well…Witches don’t do this either. Please educate yourselves before believing the propaganda and the hate that is going around because of this situation. As always, I welcome questions and I urge everyone who is interested to seek someone out and ask questions.

“As well, I am with you when the sting of tears
is sharp in your eyes, for I
know when you hurt, and why,
and can bless you with My assurance that
these hurts are small things in comparison
with the glory that awaits you. “

– The Charge of the Death Crone, Gypsy Shadow Hawk

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