Lets try this again…Final thoughts on last night’s Debate.

I feel like I was a lot less fair than I should have been in my assessment of the debate last night and I’d like to remedy that. I won’t go into great detail, I won’t do a blow by blow break down, I’ll simply say this:

Take this debate for what it was. This was 10 top poll performers (per Fox News) engaging in a discussion that clearly was meant to fire up their base supporters. This was not a debate geared toward getting Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, Undecided voters onto their side. This was the first of six debates that we will see happen before the Republican Party votes for/approves their nominee for President next year.

All in all it really was both bad and not that bad when you consider the context. I found the questions to be highly antagonistic and somewhat unprofessional and the first question alone (regarding everyone on stage taking an oath stating that they would support whoever the nominee wound up being and wouldn’t run an independent campaign – guess who rose his hand) pretty much set that tone for the rest of the night. Donald Trump continued being an unapologetic pathetic rich white boy with no clue about national policy or security and took hard stances on subjects that he knows nothing about. He is a damned good businessman and you have to give him credit for that. The man has built an empire. He’s not fit, though, to run this country and it becomes heavily apparent every time he opens his mouth. The same can be said for Chris Christie – who missed an opportunity to bring the parties together or acknowledge his ability to do so by switching to talking about hugging 9/11 victims families rather than the hug with President Obama as a way of showing gratitude for helping the people of his state after Hurricane Sandy – as well as Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, and Mike Huckabee. All of them took stances that go against the current majority opinion in the US and instead pandered to a small portion of their base voters.

I did find that Marco Rubio and John Kasich stood out in this debate in that they seemed to have good things to say and/or were at least willing to stand up for their beliefs and stand up for others. I applaud both of them for talking about their humbled roots and displaying care and concern for their fellow man. This was not something we saw from the rest of the candidates.

So for now what you need to know is that the next Fox News Republican Debate is set for shortly before the Iowa Caucuses in February 2016 and will be the 2nd in a 6 part series of debates. Eventually, I’ll also be covering the Democratic debates and then the big debate which will be the nominees from each side facing off against each other.

It really is anyone’s game at this point but…it became apparent this evening that there are some people in the race who have no business thinking they can run this country. I just hope people see it.

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