The Spirit of Thanks

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving season, I’d like to share two stories with you. Most of you know that while I’m not a religious person, I am a spiritual person and there have been things in my life that have happened and have been very difficult to explain away. I don’t offer explanations for these events, I simply present them as experiences in my life. So take these for what you will.

I am thankful that there seem to be forces outside of my control keeping an eye on me. I say this because at least 2 times I can remember, my life has been spared when it should not have been due to “unforeseeable circumstances” or weird happenings.

1. In January of 2002, I fell head first down my bedroom stairs at home. I went ass over head down all 14 wooden steps, knocking a hole through the wall on my way down with my foot and eventually landing chest first against the closed door at the bottom. My body momentarily went numb as I hit the door and I remember hearing Hollie screaming my name from the top of the stairs while running toward the stair case. I landed face up…my head was tilted up against the door, my chest was against the door, and my legs were up the stairs. I was in a V shape backward. Now…..I was very badly injured, no doubt about it. I broke a vertebrae at the top of my spine and at the base of my back, I broke both knee caps, I busted both wrists and torn open the surgery spot on my one wrist that I’d had a month prior to the fall. My watch tore a hole in the upper part of my wrist/arm on the right hand side and I was bruised pretty much everywhere for weeks after the accident. I apparently had gotten my boot stuck on a nail that was sticking up out of one of the metal strips on the stairs and that was what tripped me down the steps. My Mom lost a few years of her life that day, I think, and as she was stripping me down to check for injuries, she found one weird injury that was hard to explain away: I had a full hand print spanning the top part of my right arm as if someone had grabbed me to soften my fall. The hand print was facing the wrong way with the fingers pointed toward my body. I did not do this. In order for me to have caused that spot, I would have had to have dislocated my shoulder on the way down…had the forethought to reach around and grip my upper arm as hard as possible, and then let go and get my arm back into the socket as fast as possible. My chiropractor and doctor told me, based on the injuries to my spine, that had I hit the door any harder I would have died. My neck would have snapped instantly. But something had slowed me down to the point where that didn’t happen. I was hurt, but I wasn’t maimed or killed. I will deal with life long pain stemming from this accident, but I’m alive.

2. Flash forward to April 2007 and I’ll spare you the details I’ll say that this was the last time I decided to end my life. I left a note on my desk for my sisters and my parents, I left the house despite my parents’ insistence that I stay home, and I had absolutely no intention of coming home after work that night. I planned to slam my car into a concrete barrier on the freeway. So I left work at 11:30PM that evening and made my way toward a construction zone on I-75. I can’t give you specific details because I don’t remember them that well but at some point I sped my car up to about 100 or so miles per hour (I think, I know it wasn’t below that) and headed for where I knew they had large chunks of concrete wall separating the sides of the freeway. I had tears streaming down my face and I knew I was getting close and I knew it was almost over. Just as I thought that, a VERY LOUD booming male voice filled my car and simply yelled “DON’T!” It scared me so badly that I slammed my brakes and wound up stopping a few feet from the concrete barrier. Not only was the voice loud, it was powerful. I remember it reverberating through my entire car and making it shake slightly with the force of the command. I sat there for a few minutes – and thankfully no one else was on the road at that time – and then put my car in drive and went home. I spent 2 months with my sisters Shannon and Hollie taking shifts staying with me except when I would go to work and they dropped me off to do that until I was trusted to drive myself anywhere again. But I survived and I wound up deciding from that point forward that I would use my life to serve others and help others.

Point being….I am thankful for these 2 times that I can look at and say that it seemed like someone…or something…was making sure I made it. I don’t know why, but I always took it as a sign that I was meant for a greater purpose and I wasn’t done yet.

So…take it for what you will, but my guardian angels are something I will forever be thankful for 🙂

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