Healing the Cracks

Healing begins when you recognize that you can, and while the darkness is still ever present for me, and the cracks are still showing a little bit of everywhere - the light is starting to come back through.


To the Future…

The idea that there is a version of me somewhere - in some part of space and time - that looks back with the wisdom of age and sees the courage it took to claw out of the fire and ashes that followed gives me something to strive for. I just hope it was enough.

It’s been too long…

Now the wall isn't just between our kitchen and living room. The wall that separates us now is between the world of the living and the world of the dead. I thought hours was too long to be apart from you before...imagine my shock at realizing I'm going to likely be here for the next 40-50 years without you, baring some weird unforeseen circumstance. That's a hell of a long time to not be able to look at someone and talk to someone and to randomly pick a direction and just drive that way without a care in the world with someone.